Preschool B 21st Century Technology Center

In the Preschool B 21st Century Technology center, the children have a chance to gain hands on experience with computers and are exposed to new developments and advancements in technology. 

Here they are helping each other navigate a science unit on our new HATCH computer system and are learning about interactive technology and the use of touch screens.

Learning About The Human Body & Our Senses

This week the children of Preschool B were learning about the human body and their senses. We learned that we have five senses and we discovered how they keep us safe and help us learn about the world around us. In large and small group activities, we explored our senses through touch and feel mystery box games, scent identification guessing games,

“I spy” sight activities with magnifying glasses and music and listening activities that helped build our understanding of our senses and how to use descriptive language when talking about things we see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

Learning About The Parts of The Body

While learning about the parts of the body and how we are different this week, the children compared that they all have ten fingers but their individual fingerprints are different. They examined their fingerprints under magnifying glasses and then made counting and number correspondence books using their fingerprints to count and match 1-10.




Tracing Their Bodies

During this multidisciplinary activity, each child took turns tracing their partner’s full body, making sure to name and outline each part as they went along. The children then wrote their own name to identify their body outline and discussed the different parts of the body. They then compared differences and similarities with each other’s body outline such as who was taller or shorter, who had larger feet and who had long or short hair.

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