BCCA Executive Office

The BCCA maintains a full time office at Anna House. Regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM. Joanne K. Adams was hired in June 2104 as Executive Director. Adams is the former Director of Community Relations for The New York Racing Association, Inc. and she has been in the thoroughbred racing industry for 14 years. She works closely with the company hired to provide early childhood education for the children of Anna House and her vision is to provide a sanctuary of play and learning for the children, helping their ideas, interests and curiosities flourish.

Anna House currently serves sixty children. They enter our program speaking primarily Spanish, and as a result of their Anna House education, they speak fluent English and are bilingual when they graduate. Without our strong early childhood education program, the children would not be ready to attend school in their local communities. The BCCA has created a safe environment in which our children thrive and get a head start for elementary school. We have learned that our recent preschool graduates are successful in the local elementary schools. The BCCA's goal is to see that all of our children succeed in school and life.

We recognize that despite the hardships in their lives, these children come to us with ideas, interests, and curiosities that we need to nurture. The BCCA's commitment to education strengthens our children, our parents, our teachers and our backstretch community by developing and sustaining our educational program at Anna House. Our children receive the education and support they need to become America‚Äôs productive, engaged citizens of tomorrow.

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